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Animal nutrition

Aquaculture CC

The nutritional profile, particle shape and size of Virentia CC for Aquaculture make it an ideal complement or replacement for microalgae in the nutrition of larvae and juvenile shellfish, shrimp and finfish. It can help to increase immunity and improve survival rates while enhancing pigmentation.

Virentia’s chloroplast concentrate is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to live microalgae and can also be incorporated in aquaculture feed formulations.

Pet food

Virentia’s chloroplast concentrate contains novel plant-based protein, chlorophyll, high anti-oxidant levels making it a stellar ingredient for premium superfoods and healthy treats for dogs and cats.


Virentia’s saponin-reduced silage is rich in fiber and has good levels of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins making it an ideal supplement for small and large ruminants and horses.

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