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There are many reasons why you should consider alfalfa-based ingredients made using Virentia’s patented technology:
  • Extraction and preservation of chloroplast integrity
  • Fractionation process with no chemicals, high temperatures, pH or harsh mechanical treatments
  • Organic, raw and non-GMO products
  • 100% use of the biomass (no-waste approach)

Virentia’s unique industrial fractionation process

Virentia’s patented industrial fractionation process protects chloroplast integrity throughout the entire extraction process. No chemicals or harsh physical treatments are used during fractionation, product preparation or finishing. Moreover, the chloroplasts are not subject to high temperatures or extreme pH conditions.

The extraction process also purifies the chloroplasts by removing soluble components, including phenolics and volatiles, that cause off-odors and “grassy” flavors.

Maintaining chloroplast integrity concentrates high-value components within a particle of defined size and physical characteristics. This ensures that the final product will be easy to suspend in liquids and be of predictable and uniform particle size upon resuspension.

By removing all soluble contaminating components, Virentia is able to prepare pure chloroplast suspensions that have a high, reproducible and unique phospholipids (omega-3)/protein ratio and use 100% of the nutrient-rich aerial biomass in all of our premium ingredients.

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